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The PS4 Pro may have started life a little rough thanks to Sony's somewhat dull hardware reveal event and a cavalcade of leaks, but the reality is that the company never had gigantic expectations for the mid-generation upgrade. Aimed first and foremost at the hardcore gaming crowd, the Pro is a more expensive option that only broadens the brand's appeal - and it's selling rather well according to the Japanese giant.

"[Sales are] way ahead of our expectations", global sales chief Jim Ryan told TIME. According to CEO of Sony America Shawn Layden, for every five PS4s sold, Sony's shifting one Pro. In other words, the Pro is currently making up a reasonable chunk of PS4 sales, which doesn't seem bad at all when you consider the console's target audience.

What's more, Ryan says that the machine "is in desperately short supply". He continues: "So that's one-in-five under severe constraint." Ryan's comments suggest that with increased stock, the Pro would actually be doing even better. Either way, Sony's clearly quite happy with how the supercharged console is doing.

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