If you look back on the lineup for 2017 so far, PlayStation Plus has been pretty strong. Okay, so it’s still falling short of those PlayStation 3 glory years, but there’s been a decent mix of some very good games. And July 2017 is looking like the best lineup yet, with excellent PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn the standout game.

You’re getting quite a lot of PS4 content to be fair: social smartphone-based party game That’s You will be free for a few months, while Telltale’s episodic Game of Thrones will be yours throughout July. And then there’s Don’t Die, Mr Robot which is cross-buy across PS4 and Vita, as well as two top PS3 titles in Tokyo Jungle and Darkstalkers: Resurrection. Finally, there’s Element4l on the Vita, which we’re informed is rather good.

So are you happy or sad? Stick a vote in our poll, and then share your opinion in the comments section below.

Are you happy with July 2017's free PlayStation Plus games? (148 votes)

  1. Absolutely, it's a cracking month66%
  2. Eh, they're fine I guess25%
  3. Nah, it's a naff month this time9%

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Which July 2017 PlayStation Plus game are you most looking forward to? (124 votes)

  1. Darkstalkers: Resurrection7%
  2. Don’t Die, Mr Robot4%
  3. Game of Thrones11%
  4. That’s You8%
  5. Tokyo Jungle4%
  6. Until Dawn65%

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