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They get turned into superheroes in GIFs and some even idolise them, but it’s important to remember that gaming executives are exactly that: gaming executives. They’re hired to make difficult (and, honestly, often boring) business decisions – not act like rock stars. And in a wide-ranging interview with Polygon, current PlayStation America boss Shawn Layden has admitted that industry fame isn’t necessarily what he’s about.

“It's not something I enjoy particularly,” he said of the recognition his new position brings. “I don't try to think about it. But, the fame. I don't know what that means. I think there's a certain responsibility that goes with it and I'm very judicious about what I write on my Twitter feed. I think there's a certain expectation that I should be fair-minded and open and try to be as accessible as I can to the fans who come to PlayStation for a host of their own reasons.”

While Layden’s not necessarily a fan of the fame, he does believe that his new-found status can help him to make a difference among the community: “We want to open up that diversity which is so important in gaming to get more people involved with gaming, get more people to enjoy it, and if, because I can be recognised, I can have some credibility in speaking to those sorts of issues, I'm happy for that.”

The interview’s a great one: Layden is a veteran at Sony, having previously reported directly to the CEO of the company during its period of world conquering dominance in the early 90s. He’s worked all over the world, bringing Japanese titles to Europe from the company’s base in London, and was more recently involved in the restructuring of PlayStation Japan. It’s well worth a read if you get the time – there’s some great inside baseball.