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Industry analyst Michael Pachter has chimed in on the announcement of the Xbox One X. Speaking with Geoff Keighley on YouTube Live, the industry analyst explained that he believes Microsoft has made a good product, but he has doubts about its performance at retail. And asked about Sony’s response, here’s what he had to say:

“If the price [of the Xbox One X] had been $399, you would have got a price cut on the PS4 Pro [at the PlayStation press conference]. It wasn’t, so they don’t need one – but I think they’ll cut anyway. I think the PS4 [Slim] goes to $249 all the time, probably with a bundle so it’ll be competitive. And I think PS4 Pro goes to $349. If they go to $299, Microsoft has a problem.”

Pachter clarified that he thinks we “could” see price cuts during the platform holder’s press conference today, but we tend to think it will wait until closer to Christmas to make any adjustments. Either way, it’s pretty clear that Sony has lots of breathing room here, and it can tweak the pricing of its hardware line depending on how it sees fit.