You know things are getting serious when Bandai Namco releases a 15 minute trailer. In this lengthy Japanese video for Gundam Versus on PlayStation 4, every playable mobile suit is briefly outlined. That may not sound all that impressive, but keep in mind that there are over 90 of them. That's one heck of a character roster.

Suits from just about every Gundam series make the cut. Gundam 00, Gundam SEED, Iron Blooded Orphans, 08th MS Squad, Gundam Thunderbolt, Stardust Memory, Zeta, Gundam Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam, Reconguista in G, Turn A, Victory Gundam, Gundam F91, Crossbone Gundam, Gundam Unicorn, ZZ, and Char's Counterattack are all included. Phew.

Are your favourites in the game? Show off your piloting skills in the comments section below.