Sorry for the outdated pun, but as explained in the video above, this author knows next to nothing about Star Trek. That’s what makes Star Trek: Bridge Crew – Ubisoft’s latest PlayStation VR title – so impressive: if a complete sci-fi schlub can love it, then Trekkies are going to be all over it like a… Like a… Klingon? Sigh.

Anyway, this co-op title is mighty impressive. The release sees you teaming up with three other players in virtual reality, assuming the position of one of four roles: the Captain is in charge of the ship, ordering the crew about; the Helmsman is the pilot, flying the ship and preparing for warp drive; the Engineer has to manage the ship’s resources and schedule repairs; the Tactician scans anomalies and launches attacks.

Depending on who you play as, there will be moments of downtime, but when you’re online with friends these aren’t much of a problem – it’s a very social experience, and it can feel like an interactive chatroom where the fate of the universe just so happens to rest on your shoulders at the same time.

There is a single player campaign where you jump between the different roles, and while this serves as a decent teaching tool, the magic is in multiplayer. Visually, the sense of presence is incredible, though, and the option to commandeer the Enterprise will surely be a favourite among fans of the franchise.

Check out the video above for more impressions on the game, and we’ll be posting a review in the coming days. In the meantime, let us know if this is something you’d like to try on PlayStation VR, and which role you reckon will suit you best.