A lot of the anticipation for E3 centres on the unknown, but more often than not it’s the games that have already been revealed that steal the show. Who could forget that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves demo that dropped jaws in 2009? Or our first proper look at The Last of Us in 2012? Sony has more exclusives out in the open than any other platform holder right now – and here are five that we think are really going to shine during its press conference in just over a week.

God of War PS4 E3 2017 PlayStation 4 1

God of War

With the likes of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Horizon: Zero Dawn already on shelves, it’s now Kratos’ turn to be PS4’s star attraction. Last year’s reveal focused on showing a new direction for the franchise, so we reckon E3 2017 will be all about solidifying that spectacle with a bit of pizazz. We’re banking on some kind of boss fight being demoed, and we bet you it ends up being the best set-piece at the show.

Spider-Man PS4 E3 2017 PlayStation 4 1


It’s a big year for Spider-Man in more ways than one. Homecoming is a huge release for both Marvel and Sony Pictures, and there’s no point pretending Insomniac Games’ PS4 exclusive Spider-Man is going to be anything other than massive either. We haven’t seen anything of this over the past 12 months, so E3 2017 feels like the right venue for a full reveal: we’re expecting to see the open world in all its glory – and maybe get a glimpse at one or two villains, too.

The Last of Us Part 2 PS4 E3 2017 PlayStation 4 1

The Last of Us: Part II

Will the next big thing from Naughty Dog make the cut? Well, let’s be realistic here: we’re going to see more of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy than The Last of Us: Part II. But when you’ve got characters as beloved as Joel and Ellie in your ranks, how the heck can you leave them on the sidelines? We’re not expecting gameplay at E3 2017, but a new cut-scene of some kind seems like a no-brainer, right? The balancing act will be delivering something that’s fulfilling, while still leaving lots of lingering questions.

Days Gone PS4 E3 2017 PlayStation 4 1

Days Gone

Zombie games are dime a dozen and Days Gone’s probably getting short shrift for that reason alone, but in terms of marketing appeal you can’t really get much more mainstream than a Sons of Anarchy X The Walking Dead mash-up. Sony Bend just needs to show that this game is more than a ropey third-person shooter: introduce the motorbike, demonstrate the crafting, tease a bit more of the story, and show a little more of the open world. The hordes will come.

Death Stranding PS4 E3 2017 PlayStation 4 1

Death Stranding

Whether you like it or not, Hideo Kojima’s going to get on stage at some point during Sony’s press conference. The auteur is one of the few celebrities within the gaming industry, and there’s no way the platform holder leaves him in Tokyo while it’s got a press conference on. Assuming the rumours about Emma Stone are real, we reckon you’re probably going to see some kind of trailer introducing her character. And if it’s anything like the last two, it’ll have everyone talking all week.

Which of the above PS4 exclusives are you most excited to see during Sony’s press conference later this month? Do you think that any of these have the potential to be Game of the Show candidates come the end of E3 week? Grumble about games getting announced too early in the comments section below.

Which PS4 exclusive are you most hyped for at E3 2017? (150 votes)

  1. Days Gone11%
  2. Death Stranding17%
  3. God of War22%
  4. Spider-Man31%
  5. The Last of Us: Part II15%
  6. Other4%

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