Beyond Good & Evil 2 could have been E3 2017’s Game of the Show based on its reveal trailer alone, but everything outside of that has been a little bit murky, hasn’t it? Ubisoft Montpellier’s long-awaited sequel hasn’t exactly been detailed in the most effective manner, with talk of a “seamless open world” and some kind of early access, but no real clarification of what any of this means and what type of game the follow-up actually is.

The good news is that the “Space Monkey Program” – whatever that will comprise – will extend to the PlayStation 4 apparently, as it’s listed as one of the platforms when you sign up to participate. The site claims that those accepted will be able “to crash test all of the creative and gameplay elements that make up our game world”. But what are these gameplay elements? And what exactly is the title? This, folks, is how you squander a Game of the Show award.