If you have a nostalgic love for old timey films with overly enthusiastic narrators and infectiously charming music, then we have an adventure for you. Rebellion, the developer behind the Sniper Elite franchise, has unveiled a new IP going but a decade backwards with Strange Brigade on the PlayStation 4.

Playing solo or up with three other friends, you will embark on many a journey across the British Isles exploring ancient tombs, lost cities, and mysterious paradises filled with treasures, but traps and hordes of enemies lie in your wake ranging from zombies to...err, giant statues of Anubis that will get in your way. Details remain buried at the time of writing this article, but we would wager a guess that this third-person adventure title emphasizes survival as you and your friends build arsenals and collect items while exploring the exotic maps.

What do you make of Rebellion's new project? Have you liked its previous games? Tell us your thoughts on Strange Brigade in the comments section below.