Did you notice Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida in the new Everybody’s Golf trailer that was released this week? The affable executive was created by Clap Hanz in order to demonstrate the power of the PlayStation 4 title’s character editor, but now he’s admitted that he “could” end up in the full game as well. C’mon – this has to happen!

“The character was made just using the same character editing tools that they have in the game, so you can create anyone,” he said in an interview with GameSpot. “And as the developer made this tool, it wanted to demonstrate how versatile it is, so created me and [fellow PlayStation bigwigs] Shawn Layden and Andrew House.”

Asked whether the Shu character will ship in the final game, Yoshida admitted that it “could” happen. We’re just putting it out there: if it doesn’t at this juncture, we’ll be very, very disappointed. And we're going to assume the same is true of you, too.

[source gamespot.com]