Can someone check in on Guildford-based developer SuperMassive Games and make sure it’s okay? The studio announced three games at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference last night, and must be feeling the heat of an enormous workload right now.

One of those games is Bravo Team, a new cover-based shooter for PlayStation VR which leverages the recently released PlayStation VR Aim Controlller. The game takes place in Eastern Europe, and features two-player co-op for those who want to take advantage of it. This means that there’s an element of tactical play, as you call targets and work together to push through the armed resistance that you face.

The cool thing about games like this and Farpoint is that everything works organically: to pop out of cover you simply need to lean from left to right, while blindfire can be achieved by raising your weapon above your head and pulling the trigger.

Obviously, thematically this isn’t the most original PlayStation VR experience ever – it is effectively another shooting gallery. But as part of the headset’s wider lineup, we’re happy to see this join the roster.