Days Gone PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Games media, we understand it’s been a long week, but please engage your brains: the Days Gone release date hasn’t leaked, otherwise Sony would have said it on stage during its press conference this week. You know this, we know this, so quit trying to deceive your readers by capitalising on what’s clearly a mistake.

For those of you who may have been duped, a montage trailer on an official PlayStation channel (which has since been removed, by the way) accidentally included a 29th December release date. Two things: no game of this scale is launching after Christmas – that’s just suicide. Second thing: Sony’s already said that its E3 2017 press conference – which the Sony Bend developed adventure was a part of – focused on 2018 games. You damn well know this.

Hopefully that’s cleared things up for you, anyway. Days Gone isn’t releasing this year, and any suggestions that it is are either erroneous or a result of awful reporting. Idiots!