Monster Hunter World PS4 PlayStation 4 1

It’s all been very quiet on the E3 2017 front, but have we just got our first hint at what’s to come next week? Eagle-eyed forum posters on NeoGAF have spotted a Capcom trademark registration in the United States for a game called Monster Hunter World. What is it? Well, in honesty it could be absolutely anything, but the timing of the registration is certainly interesting.

All the trademark itself tells us is that the name relates to “computer game software” and that the publisher filed the documentation on 5th June. There were rumours that Sony had teamed up with Capcom to bring a fully open world, Westernised instalment in the animal slaughtering series to the PlayStation 4, but many wrote them off. That title sure sounds open world, though?

Look, temper those expectations because in reality this could be anything from a smartphone game to a Western release of Monster Hunter Online. But there definitely is the slimmest possibility we could see this at any of the upcoming E3 press conferences – and given what Shawn Layden said about Japanese games, Sony’s is as much a candidate as anybody else’s.

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