Bravo Team, the new cover-based PlayStation VR shooter from Supermassive Games, has a really cool concept. Unlike other first-person games which whisk you away to a variety of locales, instead the co-op title is set within a single city. This means that throughout the campaign, you’ll work your way through different districts, buildings, and more, as the environment is plunged into chaos.

Making your way through the city will employ a combination of third-person and first-person traversal: “You’ll scan the environment to decide which route you want to take, locate cover points that could be in several different spots all around you, then the camera will switch to a third-person view as you dash for cover,” lead game designer Keith Linares told the PlayStation Blog. “Then when you get there, you’ll immediately be back in first-person mode, ready for action.”

The really interesting thing here is how virtual reality can significantly enhance co-op gameplay. We’ve already seen it in games like Farpoint and Star Trek: Bridge Crew, and the Until Dawn developer’s promising to fully represent players in the game world. This means you’ll be able to point, nod, and gesture to your buddies in order to communicate.

The title will be fully compatible with the PlayStation VR Aim Controller, and is one of several exclusives Supermassive Games has in production for the PS4. The others include horror The Inpatient and PlayLink crime thriller Hidden Agenda – a really cool little catalogue of software.