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A new Life Is Strange game is in development at original developer DONTNOD, but it looks like a third game is on the way. While the series creators ruled out an appearance at E3 2017 recently, a bunch of screenshots have just leaked regarding a new title in development at Deck Nine – the new name for the studio formerly known as Idol Minds. You may remember the team being behind PlayStation 3 titles like Pain, as well as the cancelled Vita dungeon crawler Warrior’s Lair.

The leaked images appear to be teasing a prequel which will explore the relationship between Chloe Price and Rachel Amber. In one shot, we see the BFFs riding a train, while a new piece of artwork shows the transition of Chloe’s character from sweet and innocent teen to rebellious rocker. It all looks legitimate to us.

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Adding more fuel to the fire is that Deck Nine has been busy working on a toolset called ‘StoryForge’, which it claims will “provide unparalleled freedom” for its writers, artists, and directors to tell stories. Sounds a bit like the Telltale Tool, doesn’t it? The studio already said that it will announce its new game – a collaboration with a “leading AAA video game publisher” in a “critically acclaimed franchise” – at E3 2017.

Looks like you’re getting more Life Is Strange sooner than you thought.

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