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It’s that time of the year where bureaucracy leads to an E3 leak or two. Over in Brazil, a PlayStation 4 exclusive named That’s You has been rated, and now its details are beginning to leak online. According to the filing it’s a platformer, but one NeoGAF poster claims that it’s actually some kind of party quiz game in development at the Brighton-based Wish Studios. We know that Sony partnered with the team many moons ago, so that sounds believable to us.

According to the aforementioned post, the game sees you use your phone to participate in various activities which play out on the television screen. It’s been a while since the Japanese giant published anything like this – Buzz and SingStar were staples of the late PlayStation 2 and early PlayStation 3 era – but we suppose the PS4 is reaching that point in its lifespan where it's looking for more casual players to adopt it. We expect this will be revealed soon.

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