There simply aren’t enough city-builders on the PlayStation 4, but Tropico 5 is a decent one. And the developer of that game, Haemimont Games, has announced that it’s teaming up with Paradox Interactive in order to bring Surviving Mars to Sony’s system, a colony management simulation that will see you attempting to settle on the Red Rock itself.

“Players will be tasked with creating a liveable colony in the harsh, hostile environs of Mars, floating far removed from any help,” product manager Jakob Munthe wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “Players’ colonies will have to produce water, air, and food on a planet that doesn’t have much of any to spare, while creating habitats with enough for colonists to do that they don’t go mad.”

It sounds like a brilliant idea, doesn’t it? The trailer is super early as the game’s not scheduled to release until 2018, but we love the idea and have confidence in the developer’s ability when it comes to creating these kinds of games. Are you up for an outer-space simulation? Colonise the comments section below and let us know.