Street Fighter V’s new combatant may have leaked eons ago, but Capcom’s finally got around to confirming that newcomer Ed will be joining the stage of history [Wrong series – Ed] in the near future. The character – a clone of M. Bison in the story timeline – looks to fuse the moves of Shadaloo’s leader with those of his adopted father Balrog, which makes for quite an interesting mix.

But here’s the interesting bit: “What makes Ed especially unique is how players perform his special moves. His special moves have simple inputs; they only require simultaneous button presses, repeatedly pressing a button, or holding down a button. Only Ed's Critical Art is done by inputting a traditional motion.” Wonder how that will go down in the tournament scene?

In terms of appearance, the newcomer looks a bit like a My Chemical Romance fan unsure of which era of Gerard Way he wants to impersonate. This leaves him with blonde emo locks and a stylish sleeveless jacket, though you will be able to unlock his hooded top from the game’s story mode and a battle costume which amounts to little more than a cape.

Release timing is still yet to be announced, but if you want to give Capcom more money that it doesn’t deserve, then Street Fighter V’s second Season Pass can be purchased from the PlayStation Store for $29.99/£24.99. This is the third of six new fighters to be added to the title in 2017, which would be exciting if the publisher bothered to update the single player, too.