FIFA 18 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Football is fudging huge here in Europe, and do you know what else is massive on these shores? PlayStation. It always made sense for Microsoft to be marketing partners of the FIFA franchise, then, because between Champions League sponsorship and general dominance in Europe, soccer games are already associated with Sony’s system anyway.

But there’s some speculation that the marketing rights may have changed hands, and FIFA 18 will be the first entry in the franchise to be marketed on the PS4. There’s not much to go on just yet, but YouTubers have been posting pictures from a FIFA 18 hands on event which appears to be sponsored by the Japanese giant. Last year’s event was covered in Xbox branding.

FIFA 18 PS4 PlayStation 4 2

If the marketing rights have changed hands, then this would probably mean that the FIFA Ultimate Team legends – which have been exclusive to the Xbox One for some time now – would appear on the PS4 instead, which is potentially big news for the YouTube and Twitch scene, who primarily stream on Microsoft’s machine right now.

We won’t have to wait long to find out officially, but if this turns out to be true, then Sony has practically every major third-party franchise on lock now – meaning you’re going to see a stupid number of PlayStation adverts this holiday. It’s a massive role-reversal from the Xbox 360 days, when the PS3 missed out on most of these marketing deals. (Although ironically, it did have FIFA for a bit back then.)