rdr2 leak.jpg

Okay so it's not that interesting a picture, but this is Red Dead Redemption 2 we're talking about - we can't just ignore it, can we? The reasonably legit-looking snap surfaced over on GTAForums, and it's been making the rounds all afternoon. Given that we've seen next to nothing of Rockstar's sequel, it's no surprise to see fans jumping at even the most boring of off-screen shots.

So, what else is there to say? Well, it at least looks suitably pretty, and er... Yeah, that's about it. Could Red Dead Redemption put in an appearance at E3 next month? We wouldn't rule it out - the sudden appearance of this picture could be linked to some sort of showing if it is indeed real. 

We'll soon see.

Update: Turns out this screenshot isn't actually Red Dead Redemption 2 - it's another game entirely.

[source gtaforums.com, via neogaf.com]