Phantom Wail PS4 PlayStation 4 From Software Rumours 1

Have you heard the rumour about Phantom Wail? This is apparently the latest collaboration between Sony and From Software, ruling out a direct successor to Bloodborne. The story seems to originate from a Reddit post, but it references a “notorious” leaker who isn’t named, so already we’re in sketchy territory. Don’t read too much into this one if you can help it.

Apparently the game will have an Ancient Aztec theme and will focus on hand-to-hand combat; there will be weapons like clubs and such, but they won’t be the primary draw. The rumour goes on that you’ll be able to customise your fighting style, and while it sounds like a big departure, it’s considered to be Souls-like.

If real, it’s speculated that Japan Studio will be working on the title alongside Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team. It would definitely be an interesting setting for a game; personally we’d prefer to revisit the Victorian cobbles of Bloodborne once more, but new IP is always exciting, and there’s lots of scope in a South American backdrop.

But we’ve done a little digging into the rumoured name and there are no real breadcrumbs that could give this the slightest shred of legitimacy that we can see thus far. We’re probably just going to have to wait until E3 2017, then, and see what happens – we’re pretty confident From Software will have something to say.