PlayStation Network PSN Monthly Active Users

Sales numbers are important, but engagement metrics are just as meaningful in this social media age. Sony has revealed, then, that the PlayStation Network currently has 70 million monthly active users. To be clear, this statistic is not restricted to paying PlayStation Plus subscribers – it accounts for anyone who’s logged in to the PlayStation Network in the past month, spanning any device from the PlayStation 4 through to the Vita.

It is a very impressive figure, though: Xbox Live – which extends to phones and Windows computers – has 55 million monthly active users, so Sony’s network compares very favourably with arguably shorter reach. Of course, neither can come close to the social media juggernauts: Facebook, for example, is reportedly nearing two billion monthly active users, which really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

At last count in June 2016, PlayStation Plus had 20.8 million paid subscribers, which is guaranteed to have increased by now. This means that over a quarter of PSN users are paying the annual fee, a ratio that will have dollar signs in the eyes of Sony executives. But how can the platform holder both retain these users and keep bringing new ones in? Well, that’s going to be the challenge that it’s tasked with moving forwards.

Update: There are 26.4 million PlayStation Plus subscribers as of 31st March, 2017. More information here.