Those of you who've been trying to purchase a PlayStation VR headset these past few months will know that the device has been in and out of stock since launch really. Fortunately, a fresh wave of units has arrived in North America ahead of the release of flagship exclusive Farpoint, and Sony's rolling out a fresh new advertising campaign in the United States to celebrate.

"This is the latest spot in our 'Two Worlds' campaign for PlayStation VR," marketing chief Eric Lempel wrote on the PlayStation Blog. "As the name implies, this campaign brings together the real world and incredible gaming worlds – putting the player directly into the experience. In the case of Farpoint, that means sending you to a distant planet filled with nasty space bugs – including giant spiders."

To be fair, the virtual reality slate has been pretty stacked for a few months now, with the likes of Polybius, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, and Gran Turismo Sport all still to come. We reckon Sony's done a decent job of keeping the content flowing for the format, but it does need to come out at E3 2017 and announce a second wave of big blockbusters.