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So you know that gun that characters are sometimes holding in Mass Effect: Andromeda's cutscenes? Well following the title's most recent update, it's now available to craft and use in-game. It's an assault rifle called the X5 Ghost and the good news is that it looks pretty cool. The bad news is that you may as well be flicking snots at your enemies - at least on harder difficulties.

Andromeda has a load of different weaponry to try out, but let's face it: most of the guns in the game are borderline useless. This issue is echoed in the title's co-op multiplayer component, where players have been complaining for a while now that weapons really need to be buffed across the board - many just don't do enough damage to be considered reliable.

Anyway, the X5 Ghost is all yours if you're still playing Andromeda. Let us know if you'll be adding this pea shooter to your arsenal in the comments section below.