Sony doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to supporting peripherals, but here we are a day into the PlayStation VR Aim Controller’s life and it’s already got a new game: Dick Wilde. This was, of course, all pre-planned to coincide with the accessory as we already knew it had pledged support for the plastic shooter a while back.

The interesting thing here is that the game actually changes slightly depending on whether you plump up for the PlayStation Move or the new firearm. The former tends to emphasise dual-wielding, even kitting you out with a shield when you select the shotgun, while the latter instead limits you to one armament at a time.

This sounds like it’d be a balancing disaster, but what’s immediately obvious using both control schemes back-to-back is that the inherent accuracy of the PlayStation VR Aim Controller makes it the better choice. Like in Farpoint, gunplay just works so much better when you’ve got a physical weapon in your hands, and the tracking works well here.

Unfortunately the game itself is a little less interesting: it’s a stationary shooter where you fend off waves of wild animals, and while it’s all neatly presented, it’s about as original as a certain brand of caramel candy. Still, if you’re looking for a title to take advantage of your latest pricey purchase, look no further – you could do a lot worse.