Ubisoft's blown Far Cry 5 wide open with a load of fresh information. First off, we've got the game's full reveal trailer, which you can watch above. As expected, we're looking at a religious cult that's up to no good in the North American wilderness. It's got guns, airplanes, explosions, a load of creepy characters, and what looks like a nicely crafted open world.

Next up, a confirmed PlayStation 4 release date: the 27th February 2018. This obviously gives the publisher a long time to drum up a lot of hype, although we're sure it'll put in an appearance during Ubisoft's E3 press conference next month all the same. On Sony's console, you'll get some free content due to an exclusive marketing deal.

As for gameplay details, you'll be playing as a deputy sheriff who's sent to arrest the leader of the aforementioned cult. Naturally, things go horribly wrong. The whole campaign supports co-op play, too, so you can take a friend along for the ride. And last but not least, the multiplayer component of the release will have a map editor.

Sounds like a solid package so far doesn't it? Don't stray too far in the comments section below.