Cliff Bleszinski is back in the game – literally. The ex-Gears of War maker has announced that LawBreakers, the gravity-defying first-person shooter from his new studio Boss Key Productions, is coming to the PlayStation 4 later this year. It’ll cost $29.99/£24.99 on the console, so it’s not gunning for the free-to-play market as we had originally assumed it would. While there will be unlockable cosmetics a la Overwatch, all future updates for the title will be released for free.

Here’s what the press release says about the title: “From the mind of Bleszinski, LawBreakers is set in a brand new futuristic world where the laws of gravity have been turned upside down. A war between the Law and the Breakers rages across a variety of iconic locations such as the boiling oceans of the Santa Monica coastline to the gravity-ravaged Grand Canyon and beyond.”

The game will be enhanced for the PS4 Pro, though there’s no word just yet on what improvements will be available on the supercharged system. We’ll find out a lot more at E3 2017, though, as the title will be playable on the show floor. You can catch a cinematic trailer embedded above, or watch an interview with CliffyB himself through here.