Egypt 18th Dynasty Assassin's Creed Origins
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At this point, it must be on purpose, right? All organisations endure leaks from time to time, but French publisher Ubisoft just can’t seem to plug them; it’s a good job it’s not a boat, otherwise it would have been at the bottom of the ocean a long time ago. Anyway, a video has leaked to YouTube showing the opening seconds of Assassin’s Creed Origins’ E3 2017 reveal trailer.

The clip’s been shot on a phone at the back of an auditorium, but looks 100 per cent legit to us. In the video we hear a voiceover referencing Abstergo, before the scene cuts to a shot of Egypt in 1354 BC, and then the video promptly ends. This confirms that the title will take place during the 18th Dynasty era, which means you can expect some liberties to be taken and the likes of Tutankhamun to feature.

A shirt has also appeared on Reddit, revealing who will almost certainly be the protagonist and his name: Ba Yek. The art shows an Assassin in robes, armed with a bow. There are also hieroglyphics to the top right of the tee, which we’re sure will feature heavily in the game’s design. Expect an official announcement imminently.

Update (19:00 BST): So, incredibly, the video is fake. It was made by a graphic designer, and just goes to show how difficult these things are to spot these days. The tee, however, appears to be legit. Well, for now anyway.

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