You wait years for a good WipEout clone, and then several are scheduled to release the same year that the seminal series is making a comeback. Redout is one such anti-grav racer, and it’s set to suit up on the PlayStation 4 starting 29th August in North America and 31st August in Europe. It’ll be available both physically and digitally on Sony’s system.

Dubbed the Lightspeed Edition, the title will include an exclusive PlayStation-themed livery for all in-game crafts, and will also come with both the Europa and Neptune add-on packs included for free. The racer’s already available on the PC, but the PS4 version will see the addition of split-screen, complementing the obligatory online mode.

The problem is that WipEout Omega Collection is set to release in a matter of weeks and... Well, the original’s always the best, isn’t it?