technomancer ps4 sale.png

Focus Home Interactive is probably this generation's most prominent b-tier publisher. For several years now, it's been pumping the PlayStation 4 full of titles that aren't quite AAA blockbusters - but they're not digital-only indie-style escapades, either. The kind of games that reviewers give 6s and 7s across the board while potentially establishing a cult following.

Anyway, if b-tier gaming is your jam, then you should check out the Focus Home Interactive sale that's currently happening on the US PlayStation Store. Recently released Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is up for grabs at a slightly reduced price, and interesting but ultimately flawed action role-playing release The Technomancer is marked down to $15.99. Meanwhile, Sammy Barker's guilty pleasure Farming Simulator 17 is going a little cheaper, and recommended RPG Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition has dropped below half price.

What are your thoughts on these b-tier titles? Are they your kind of thing? Don't blow a gigantic budget in the comments section below.