Better known as Robert Ramsey: The Video Game, oft-niche publisher Koei Tecmo has announced Warriors All-Stars for the West, which is essentially Japanese entry Musou Stars with a new name slapped on it. The mash-up sees "famous" faces like… Sophie Neuenmuller and Zhao Yun mowing down millions of minions all at once. Okay, so there are some characters you may have heard of, like William from Nioh, Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, and that lass who looks totally illegal from Dead or Alive.

The game's due out on 29th August in North America and 1st September in Europe. Prior to that, Ramsey will write about 20 articles about it which will generate a combined total of 1,000 page views if we're bloody lucky. Then he'll put 30 hours into a review, which will score about eight comments. And that, dear readers, is the harsh reality of working with a weeb.