Jiminy cricket, this came out of nowhere, didn't it? Cult SEGA CD (or Mega CD to us Europeans) classic Night Trap is making a return on the PlayStation 4 – and it's getting a retail run courtesy of Limited Run Games. The frankly ludicrous full-motion video title coveted controversy upon its original release in 1992, and was partly responsible for the creation of the ESRB – although ironically it's only deserving of a Teen rating these days.

Night Trap PS4 PlayStation 4 2

The game – which features over one and a half hours of real video – essentially sees you attempting to save several girls from evil during a slumber party. It's absolutely atrocious, yet simultaneously the best thing ever. Don't believe us? You can download the title's soundtrack right here, and question your life decisions. Hopefully this is just the beginning of dreadful SEGA CD titles making the jump to modern machines – Ground Zero Texas and Road Avenger are next, yeah?

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