Nintendo Switch PS4 NPD 1

As expected, the launch of the Nintendo Switch has (temporarily?) dethroned the PlayStation 4 from the top of the United States hardware charts. Sony's system had been sitting pretty for several months in a row, but it was never going to overcome the release of its rival's new handheld-cum-console, which performed particularly well, registering just under one million units.

That's not to say that the PS4 sold poorly, however, as it still managed to outpace the Xbox One – although Sony's policy of not commenting on NPD results means that we don't know whether it was up or down year-over-year. It'll be interesting to see how long the House of Mario can hug the top of the charts, or if normal service will soon be resumed.

There's not much else to say right now, as these reports are staggered at the moment, and we won't get software results until next week. We do know that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is likely to top the charts, as it actually had an above 100 per cent attach rate (that's not a typo) to the Nintendo Switch itself, which is frankly mind boggling.