You can't have a platforming renaissance without Naughty Dog's numerous Jak & Daxter titles, can you? Sony seems to have remembered recently that it started a PS2 Classics initiative on the PlayStation 4 a few years back, and now we're beginning to see a steady trickle of up-rendered ports. Next up: four Jak & Daxter titles.

It's worth noting that these aren't the remasters that came to the PlayStation 3 and Vita a while back: instead they're the PS2 games ported to the PS4. Confused? Yeah, it's a bit odd – basically these are taking advantage of Sony's emulation technology rather being full-on remasters. They're looking tasty all the same, though.

And the good news is that Jak X: Combat Racing will be joining the original trilogy of platformers as part of the program. To be honest, we're surprised that the platform holder isn't bringing over the underplayed PSP title Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier as well, as that did receive a PS2 port late in its life. Maybe it'll follow once the Naughty Dog entries are out?