Marvel Heroes Omega PS4 PlayStation 4

Marvel Heroes Omega, the free-to-play PlayStation 4 action role-playing game, is entering closed beta from Friday, 21st April – and you'll be able to pay for access. While the final version of the superhero outing will be complimentary, those of you who purchase the founder's pack will be guaranteed access to the aforementioned server stress test.

There'll be six founder's packs for you to purchase, each containing different items and carrying varying price models. They'll all guarantee access to the closed beta, though. Here's what you'll find on the PlayStation Store:

  • Avengers Founder's Pack
  • Deadpool Founder's Pack
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Founder's Pack
  • Spider-Man Founder's Pack
  • War Machine Founder's Pack
  • X-Men Founder's Pack

There'll be discounts on in-game purchases for PlayStation Plus subscribers, though it's perhaps worth mentioning that any progress you make in the closed beta will be wiped before the game releases proper. Any microtransactions you do buy will be refunded, however, so it's not like you're going to find yourself out of pocket.