A new patch is out for Mass Effect: Andromeda on the PlayStation 4 which promises to improve the game's weird eyes. As was demonstrated by the slew of GIFs around launch, the title had some dodgy shaders on characters' optics which caused them to look… Well, a bit half-soaked, shall we say? But the latest patch available today pledges improved shaders, so is the problem fixed?

Well, they're still animated sub-optimally, but the improvements are massive, as demonstrated in the comparison above. There appears to be much more life to the eyes now, and while they still do tip-toe into the uncanny valley, infamous characters like Addison look vastly superior with the latest update installed.

With our armchair developer cap on for a moment, we have to question how the game launched in its original state if this patch only took a little over a week to release? While the difference in the eyes is subtle, there's no doubt it enhances the presentation of the title by a massive degree, giving humans in particular a more lifelike appearance.

It's great that BioWare's improved things so quickly, but we can't help but feel that this shouldn't have ever been an issue to begin with.

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