Y'know we're all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no tetra. Euro Fishing launched recently on the PlayStation 4, and we've been reel-y excited to talk about its angling action. This is a simulation akin to your Farming Simulators, so it means that all of the intricacies of lake lovin' are represented here; don't expect a frenetic arcade experience like SEGA Bass Fishing or anything like that.

The game reveals its intentions right away with the casting system. While there is a more simplistic option available where you set your power and cast away as easy as Tom Hanks, true a-fish-ionados will want to take advantage of the manual option, where you have to flick the rod with the right stick and release the line just at the right time.

It's a tough system to get to grips with, but once you get a handle on what you have to do, you'll be whipping your bait about like tackle at a nudist beach. From there, other systems are introduced like spodding and stalking – neither of which will get you on the sex offender's register, despite what they sound like.

There are a wealth of different modes, ranging from single player tournaments to rotating asynchronous online challenges. And the whole game is tangled up in a progression system which gradually sees you unlock better gear, ranging from rods to rigs. There's much more in the video embedded above, so take a look before hooking up in the comments section below.

Do you think Euro Fishing is the catch of the day, or just a load of old carp? Reel from all of these puns in the comments section below.

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