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Sony only really needs to utter two words to steal E3 2017 in a couple of months: Bloodborne 2. The original may not have been the biggest seller ever – it still performed pretty well, of course – but among hardcore gamers the series is an absolute show-stopper for sure. And it's got to be happening, right?

Well, the developer says it's done with Dark Souls specifically, though it apparently has something like it in development. And now DualShockers has spotted a career opportunity ad which refers to a dark fantasy action role-playing game in production for home consoles. The listing doesn't specifically mention From Software, but it heavily hints at the location of the developer's office.

Interestingly, the position is only temporary, which suggests that whatever this project is could very well be quite far along the development timeline. Obviously, short-term labour is often used to help complete a project that's already nearing completion; the studio may need help generating art assets, for example, rather than actually designing the game.

Honestly, we've had a feeling that Bloodborne 2 – or some kind of spiritual successor – will be announced at E3 2017 for some time now, and while we're probably getting ahead of ourselves, we certainly wouldn't be surprised to see all of this come together during Sony's press conference. Let's wait and see, yeah?

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