Detroit Become Human PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Oh FFS! There's a strong rumour doing the rounds that Quantic Dream is busy beavering away on a second PlayStation 4 project in addition to Detroit: Become Human – except it's the flakiest piece of reporting we've seen in some time. While it wouldn't exactly be shocking to learn that the French outfit is prototyping other titles – it's common practice at virtually every studio to have half an eye on future projects – this rumour practically beggars belief.

It comes care of two Quantic Dream employees who left the studio in 2014 and listed an "unannounced PS4 project" on their Linked In profiles. Guess what game wasn't announced until a whole year later at Paris Games Week? That's right, Detroit: Become Human. Do you think, oh intelligent games media, that the ex-staffers could be referring to the android-based escapade and simply forgot to update their resumes? Ummm.

Quantic Dream's been a one-game studio for the longest time, so until we hear otherwise, we're pretty confident it's fully focused on Kara and crew for now. Might it have other ideas buzzing around in the background? Sure, but we wished people would use a bit of common sense with stuff like this. Terrible reporting is terrible.