Code Vein PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Sadly it's not leveraging the same art style as its teaser trailer, but the new action role-playing game from Bandai Namco named Code Vein is still looking pretty cool. We described it as Anime Souls in our previous article, and that's honestly shaping up to be the case. You play as a vampirical Revenant who must feast on the blood of enemies in order to access supernatural powers. Prepare to dine and all that.

Much like a certain From Software developed series, the game will see you exploring an inter-connected world, alongside an in-game buddy who you'll be able to summon from within the world. In addition to the "Gifts" (or powers) that you obtain through your blood lust, you'll also be able to arm yourself with a set of trusty melee weapons, like swords and such. We suspect, then, the combat will combine close-quarters skirmishes with magic-esque attacks.

Here are some screenshots:

Code Vein PS4 PlayStation 4 2
Code Vein PS4 PlayStation 4 3

There are still no systems attached to the title, but Bandai Namco is saying that the release is coming to "major platforms", which surely will include the PlayStation 4 among others. Are you interested in this one at all? Wipe your mouth in the comments section below.