Yooka Laylee PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Yooka-Laylee is a collectathon at heart, so you're probably going to want to get all of its Trophies on the PlayStation 4. And fortunately it's looking like a relatively straight-forward Platinum to nab – you're just going to have to keep your eye out for all of those pesky pagies and quills. While it does seem like there's an awful lot to collect here, we reckon gathering everything should be fairly simple if you're thorough. You can view the full list through here.

We're really looking forward to this one releasing in early April, which is shaping up to be another great month on the PS4. Between the likes of Persona 5, Cosmic Star Heroine, and Outlast 2 there's lots to look forward to – we hope that you've been saving!

[source psnprofiles.com]