It's a funny old world, isn't it? You've got franchises like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Siren all striving to create the most gruesome enemies in gaming, but Sony San Diego has stumbled upon what is surely the most harrowing character model we've ever seen by accident. Below you'll see a glitch that the team encountered during the development of MLB 17: The Show, and it's honestly one of the most disgusting images we've ever had the misfortune of laying our eyes on.

You've been warned:

MLB 17 The show Glitch

We saw this last night and we just… Can't get it out of our head. Seriously, we're pretty good with horror and stuff, but there's just something about this that affects us on an emotional level – it quite literally makes our skin crawl. There is an animated version which we'll let you seek out for yourself if you so desire but be warned… Just be warned.