Well, this is awkward, isn't it? As gaming enthusiasts we collectively rail on companies for Season Passes and day one downloadable content – and rightly so. But if you'll indulge me for just a few minutes, I'm going to be a complete and utter hypocrite, because I kinda want Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC.

Here's the thing: outside of a couple of pre-order bonus costumes – which I'm fairly sure you can unlock simply by playing the game – Aloy's adventure doesn't have any DLC plans announced. There's been no communication from Guerrilla Games about a potential Season Pass or any expansion packs. Nada.

Awesome, right? It's a new release done properly, without any content left on the cutting room floor. Couple that with the microscopic day one patch – which makes the most tiny of changes – and the stability of the package's overall performance, and Horizon: Zero Dawn may be one of the most commendable AAA titles in years. It's doing everything we always ask.

Horizon Zero Dawn DLC PS4 PlayStation 4

But I really do wish there was some DLC to look forward to. Look, the game is complete – it's very fulfilling. There's about 50 hours of content here and all of it is of a high standard. There's no way you can finish this and feel like you haven't got your money's worth. But it's so good that I really want more.

Look at The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: it received two expansion packs that we awarded 10/10. Both add new environments, quests, and storylines that are essentially, well, essential. This is the golden standard for DLC as far as I'm concerned, and I'd love Horizon: Zero Dawn to be expanded in a similar way – the game's fiction is all but begging for it.

Guerrilla's almost certainly going to get started on a sequel soon, but I hope that it'll be able to bridge the gap with some additional content. I just want more of this world; I want more of this gameplay. And I appreciate that I'm a hypocrite given how much I complain about DLC sometimes, but maybe this shows that when a game's good and the DLC's not being peddled in advance, it's not such a bad thing after all.

Are you disappointed there's no Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC on the – wait for it – horizon? What kind of post-release content would you like? Are you happy with the package as it is? Beg in the comments section below.

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