MLB The Show 17 PS4 PlayStation 4 Review Round Up 1

It's one of Sony's most commercially successful exclusives every single year, but we rarely give Sony San Diego's acclaimed baseball series the time of day here at Push Square. That's because we're British and are waiting for London Studio to put together Rounders The Show 17. Anyway, while we're not entirely sure whether we're going to have a review of MLB The Show 17 or not, some sites have already gone live, so here's a little round up for you.

Cheat Code Central - 4.9/5

MLB The Show 17 as a collective whole, from a controls, presentation, and core game mode perspective, is incrementally better. That might seem like a negative but, in fact it's a huge positive. Nothing kills a franchise more than when the developers deciding to revamp everything and start fresh. MLB The Show 17 takes a progressive, but tactful, step forward. The aforementioned enhancements are exactly that, improvements that truly make the game better. Rather than shooting for the moon and burning up on the Sun, MLB The Show 17 calls out it's home run and knocks a dinger over the left field wall like it was nothing. This game is truly a delight and a must have for anyone who enjoys baseball simulations, even if you are an Indians fan.

Attack of the Fanboy - 4.5/5

Sony has rarely struck out with their annual MLB The Show series and this year's entry manages to keep that trend going. With the worthwhile improvements to Road to the Show, Franchise Mode, and the incredibly fun Retro Mode, San Diego Studio has knocked it out of the park with MLB The Show 17.

Forbes - 8.5/10

The review score is the same this year as it was last year, but that doesn't mean the game has nothing new to offer. It just means the bar has been raised and The Show is still among the best on the market. The Show is still striving for perfection, but if you love baseball and video games, you need this in your life.

IGN - Review Score Pending

I am really liking what I have seen of MLB The Show 17 so far. The new additions have increased the game's authenticity and motivated me to keep playing. Check back later this week for my complete, scored review once I can get more time with the game's multiple modes and stress test the online servers.

Will you be stepping up to bat for MLB The Show 17? Take a swing in the comments section below and let us know.