Disappointed that PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.50 didn't make the cut yesterday? Well despair no more, as Sony has slapped a confirmed release date on the software upgrade. You can expect the new firmware to go live tomorrow - that's the 9th March at the time of writing.

So, what's included? To start with, we're finally getting external hard drive support, essentially giving you access to way more storage without having to replace your console's internal hard drive. What's more, the update will allow you to set your own custom wallpapers, and PlayStation VR improvements feature 3D Blu-Ray support.

Of course, there's also the big addition that made most of the headlines last month: Boost Mode. Exclusive to PS4 Pro users, Boost Mode basically lets titles that don't have specific Pro patches take advantage of the supercharged system's extra horsepower, improving things like load times and frame rate. While performance will differ from title to title, it's still a great option to have.

There are a bunch of other, smaller improvements that come courtesy of update 4.50 which you can read about on the official PlayStation Blog. Sound good? Are you looking forward to getting this downloaded tomorrow? Enter rest mode in the comments section below.

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