Sony PS4 Nintendo Switch Poll 1

You may not have noticed, but the Nintendo Switch is dominating gaming headlines right now, to the point where non-Ninty news is especially hard to come by. Seeing as it's Friday, though, we thought that we'd crack out another community poll - this time to try and get a handle on what the PlayStation faithful think of the Switch, and how it's going to impact your gaming habits.

Obviously, it's very, very early days for Nintendo's hybrid system. No doubt most of you reading this will have a healthy relationship with your PS4 and its vast software library - but is all of that about to change? As always, cast your vote in our polls and then share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Are you buying a Nintendo Switch? (323 votes)

Yes, I've already bought one


I plan on buying one at some point


Maybe, I haven't decided yet


No, I won't be buying one


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Do you prefer the Nintendo Switch over the PS4? (305 votes)

Yes, the Switch will be my main console now


Maybe, it's too early to say


No, PS4 will remain my console of choice


What? I don't own either console


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Would you like to be able to play PS4 games on the go? (307 votes)

Yes, that would be neat


It'd be a nice option to have, I suppose


No, I'm not interested in portability


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