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Regular readers will know that associate editor Robert Ramsey is a big fan of Koei Tecmo's output, from the various Warriors games right the way through to Toukiden. But something we always discuss here at Push Square Towers is how the publisher's business can possibly be viable: it deploys dozens of games every year and rarely do they ever break into the UK sales charts.

Well, except one: Nioh released to universal critical acclaim earlier this year, and has gone on to be a big seller for the firm. Sony helped publish the game in the West – a move which clearly raised its profile significantly – and it looks like everything's paid off, as speaking with MCV UK, general manager Yasutomo Watanabe has revealed that it's the company's "most successful title in the West".

He said: "This position essentially validates our strategy to expand our brand and user-base in the long term and proves that our titles can reach the highest spots in the charts. With overall positive player feedback and media reception we are very pleased by this result and hope to repeat it in the near future."

Whether it will be a Nioh sequel or a new Ninja Gaiden that aims to build on the success, Watanabe is keeping that close to his chest. But it's clear that the company's learned a lot from the success of its Samurai Souls outing, and we're sure that it will take all of those lessons into its next project – whatever that turns out to be.