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This is incredible. NieR: Automata is obviously a role-playing game at heart, and one of its minigames involves stopping at areas of water to fish for items using your robotic companion pod. However, while you can catch fish, sometimes you'll have to make do with junk items – one of which was named 'NIN64' in the original version of the game.

While it's been proposed that this could be a reference to MIM46 anti-aircraft missiles, many Japanese gamers took it to be a slight against the Nintendo 64 console – and the fact that it's marked in the game as literal junk didn't go down well among some fans. The outrage actually appears to have pushed Square Enix into patching the text out, with the item now labelled the more innocuous 'Broken Firearm'.

The offending item

This will come as good news to fans of the Big N who can't stand to see their favourite platform potentially slighted in a video game. It doesn't change the fact that the PSone was a way better system, though. Triggered!