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Following yesterday's huge 16-minute gameplay video, the details are starting to drip regarding Middle-earth: Shadow of War. When asked by GamesRadar whether the sequel could make use of your Shadow of Mordor save data, Monolith Productions creative vice president Michael de Plater couldn't give a definitive answer. "Oh... I don't remember what we're allowed to say about that," he replied.

Apparently, de Plater went off to check what he could actually say, and returned with "we're not saying anything at this time". Suspicious.

A way to import saves would admittedly be a pretty cool feature. Due to the first game's dynamic nemesis system, every player would be bringing something different to the sequel with their data. That said, we can barely remember our favourite orcs at this point - all we can recall is that there was a particularly ugly one who had a set of skills that made him basically invincible. Hopefully his legacy can live on when Shadow of War launches this August.

Would you like to be able to import your save to the sequel? Tell us about your orcish army in the comments section below.