Late Shift PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Wales Interactive has announced its next title that will dip its toes into the full-motion video genre. Late Shift is described as "a cinematic FMV crime thriller" and it's scheduled to release next month.

Written by Michael R. Johnson of the 2009 Sherlock Holmes, the game sees you play as Matt as he tries to prove his innocence in a London heist following his own robbery of an auction house. The player will be subject to over 180 decisions throughout the story, which could conclude in seven different endings.

Director Tobias Weber told the PlayStation Blog that Late Shift started out life as any other film, but the industry standard scripting software had to be abandoned. "It very quickly got too confusing," he said. "We therefore invented a kind of hybrid between flowchart and traditional film script, which allowed us to properly write dialogue while keeping track of the logic behind the film."

He continued: "This multi-stranded script became the backbone of our production. We stuck to it all the way from writing, to shooting, to post-producing the film. Even the composer used it for reference when he wrote and produced the soundtrack, which sounds like a film score, but is as dynamic as any game score."

Wales Interactive has a good track record as of late with the FMV genre as it developed last year's The Bunker, a title we gave an 8/10. We only hope that Matt's quest to clear his name lives up to the expectations set by John's experiences of post-apocalyptic Britain.